Commercial refrigeration is diverse and interesting just like our customers. All our customers have very individual and specific refrigeration requirements.

Because SRA are the experts in commercial refrigeration we are constantly able to deliver our expert knowledge across a wide industry base from florists to fish mongers, bakers to breweries:

Butchers Butchers have a specific require for high humidity at low temperature, this requires very accurate equipment selection at the design phase
Bakers Bakers use specialised equipment that includes prover retarders and water chillers to retard yest - yes we fix them
Cafes Cafes require outstanding value for every dollar spent, equipment must be maintained and serviced to align with the bottom line
Restaurants Fix it once and fix it right, restaurants just don't have time for equipment breakdowns - delivery of consistent outcomes is important
Supermarkets Supermarket equipment costs a lot of money to install so it must last for many years to enable a supermarket to realise the full potential of the investment
Delicatessens Delis have a diverse mix of retail refrigeration and display fridges, fridge mechanics need to have experience working on many different makes and models
Sporting Clubs Most sporting clubs are looking to maintain their equipment in a cheep and economical way. SRA Supports many sporting clubs and local facilities
Pubs Cold beer is sold on reputation - if your beer isn't cold you will loose sales. We're the cold beer experts on both sides of the bar!
Government Departments When there is a procedure to follow and compliance requirements too, SRA are there to help! We have years of experience across many levels of government.
Retail Franchisees The retail environment has its own challenges: we often have to work efficiently in and amongst customers to safely to get a good outcome
Lunch Bars When a lunch bar calls we must attend quickly, lunch bars whole day is over by about 2pm so if something goes wrong we have to get it fixed early

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